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1- Frameless shower door
2 - Frameless shower door
3 - Steam door
4 - Frameless steam door
5 - Bifold frameless shower door
6 - Frameless shower door
7 - Steam frameless shower door
8 - Frameless shower door
9 - Neo-angle frameless shower door
10 - Glass screen on bath tub
11 - Sliding shower door
12 - Neo-angle shower door
13 - Frameless shower door
14 - Custom beveled vanity mirror
15 - Custom vanity mirror
16 - Vanity mirror
17 - Beveled vanity mirrror
18 - Mirror closet door
19 - Railing System
20 - Railing system
22 - Sliding Door
23 - Bi-fold shower door
24-Frameless Shower Door
Custom Mirrors

Finding the right mirror for your living room, dining room, bath or vanity or any other area of your home can significantly increase the value and appeal of your house. Mirrors can create a dramatic effect on any room – visually expanding, brightening and beautifying your home. They can add light to dark spaces and make a small space feel more expansive.
Custom mirrors from NJ Mirror & Glass can give your home an incredible makeover at a very reasonable price. We have a large selection of custom mirrors in a large variety of sizes, shapes and colors. NJ Mirror & Glass also specializes in the custom design, manufacture and prompt installation of framed or unframed mirrors to match any specification.

Custom Shower Doors

More and more homeowners are turning to glass to transform their bathrooms into mini-spas and retreats. NJ Mirror & Glass wants to help bring that spa getaway right to your door through the ultimate shower or bath experience.

Our trained staff and certified glass installers provide the prompt service, expertise and creativity to your shower or bath design as you remodel or build your new home. Let us help    you to create that dream bathroom in your home with a wide and extensive variety of custom shower doors and shower enclosures including:

  • Frameless shower doors

  • Framed shower doors

  • Bi-fold shower doors

  • Shower doors with frosted glass

    To help you visualize your new glass shower, please view our online gallery.

Replacement Windows

New windows will enhance the curb appeal and beauty of your home. Because of having dual panes and other noise dampening and energy conservation features, new windows will immediately lower your energy costs during the cooling and heating seasons, improve the level of comfort and create a quieter environment.  Thus, having NJ Mirror and Glass replace your existing windows is a smart investment. Our certified and trained installer will quickly and professionally install your new windows.

We work with most types of windows that are currently on the market, including Vinyl and Aluminum windows

If you are considering replacing your windows, call us today for a free consultation.

Other Services

New Jersey Mirror & Glass offers many other residential glass solutions. We will gladly manufacture and install custom designed products to meet your specific requirements.
 We can create custom glass and mirror products of any size, shape, thickness and edgeworks including:

  • Furniture tops for virtually any application, including glass table tops
  • Glass Shelves
  • Mirrored closet doors (sliding and bi-fold)
  • Sandblasted Glass (edging glass)
  • Painted glass
  • Mirrored or glass walls

    Call us today for free consultation.
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