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Our company has been doing business for more than 18 years. During that time, we helped thousands of businesses and individuals. We pride ourselves on furnishing the highest quality services to our clients at prices that are significantly lower than our competitor's prices, while at the same time upholding the uppermost standards of professionalism and integrity. NJ Mirror and Glass has always believed that the clients come first and perfection of our services is our best reflection.

NJ Mirror and Glass is working very hard to meet the growing demand for new and better ideas for decorating your home, or business. The professional estimators       who have many years of experience are available to provide free estimates either over the phone or in person at your home or place of business

Commercial Services

NJ Mirror and Glass takes pride in assisting businesses, both big and small in achieving their goal of attracting customers and delivering high quality services. We can provide numerous services for your business, including making custom etchings of company logos, providing businesses with the utmost energy efficient insulation glass or windows, building and designing customized store fronts, creating visually pleasing interior spaces, and helping you design, construct and / or renovate your customer's home or business. Ultimately, NJ Mirror and Glass can help your business grow!

Residential Services

NJ Mirror and Glass provides a full range to residential services. If you are moving to a new or a pre-owned house or apartment or just want to redesign or upgrade your current living space, we can help. From replacement windows that will save you money on heating and cooling, reduce outside noise, and make an old home feel new again while increasing its value to a variety of mirror, glass and shower door options, NJ Mirror and Glass does it all.

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